Concept to Construction

Our process to a smooth and stress-free build.


Designing your dream home.

We all have those little parts of each of our family and friends’ homes that we would love to have.
Whether it is just a little detail that makes us feel good when we walk in or a super functional use of space and/or storage. Why not squeeze all these into your next home?

“don’t stress, we offer a great design and quote service. We do work for you”

If you love where you live and want to transform your current home or build new, our first consultation works best meeting on the proposed site to brainstorm the direction you would like to go.

Keys to this project brief:

Establishing your needs and wants:
• What does a normal day consist of & what kind of spaces will you need?
• How many rooms does your family need & what size do these need to be?
• How much time do you currently spend in the different areas of your home
(indoors & outdoors)?

Setting a clear budget:
• This is a ‘must-do’ as this will act as the baseline for every decision you make
during the project.
• This also allows us to maximize value through our design for you.

Getting the Nod

Working drawings & Council approval.

Once we have exchanged contracts we will get straight onto your working drawings.

Employing a local draftsperson, engineer, surveyor & private certifier to get your plans through our local authority as seamless as possible.

While the council is approving your project there’s nothing we can do but wait, so why not use this time to grab a coffee and cruise around our areas great Tile, Paint, Electrical, Bathroom & Appliance outlets to complete your specifications sheet provided.

This will ensure a smooth construction process and eliminate last-minute stressful decisions down the track.
You should also start to think about meeting with one of our preferred cabinet makers and get a start on designing your kitchen. They are more than happy to work with you through layouts, colors & functionality.

Breaking the Dirt

The construction phase begins.

Once we get our hands on the construction certificate from our certifier, we can legally start the build. Site fence goes up, surveyors pegs are in the ground and one of our excavators will be delivered to site.

Over the next few weeks, what was a bare block of land or existing part of your house will transform dramatically, & over the coming months, you will see your vision come to life.

The key to this stage is communication. For example, you might be having second thoughts a certain tile choice or would like to see how the kitchen looks installed before you choose your floor coverings. Either way, lets set a meeting onsite so you can get a better feel of your project’s spaces.
From time to time you will hear from our Electrician too. Once the roof goes on and the external walls are sealed from the elements, he likes to do a walk through with you to make sure you are happy with the placement of your fittings.

Keys Are Yours

The move-in date is here.

We will book our certifier to come through and check everything is to the National Construction Code (NCC) and get our final occupation certificate.

After this, we meet on-site to do a handover and show you through what keys are for where, how your utilities work & provide your warranties.

We like to sleep easy when the wind blows so rest assured, we walk away knowing one of your greatest investments have been built solid to stand the test of time for you and your family.

Nathan & Mel Woodward

Without Walker Building Contractors our dream of building our own home in Banora point would not have happened. The price made it feasible, the flexibility of design options made it fit on the block, specific design and architectural expertise of Peter made it special and a thoroughly professional team of staff and tradies made our dream home a reality. Never once did I fell I couldn't contact Peter for any questions I had. He was more than happy to run through everything throughout the build...

David Preston Kingscliff sales and rentals

    As a local Tweed Coast Real Estate Agent, over the years, I have seen many builders builds, both good and bad, I was somewhat stumped to choosing a builder to build our dream home. We were suggested and recommended to use Peter Walker and his Sons from Walker Building who have been building around the area for years and since the 1970’s. Our new home was 550m2 floor area and was a substantial 5br home with 5 living areas. It was to be much larger than many homes and we had to be sure that...


Thank you to the Walker Building Contractors for the excellent job they did on our home. It was so reassuring to have a personal approach to building our first house and the whole process felt smooth. The quality of our home is clear to see and it is all that we envisioned it to be. All guests we have had in our home have noted what a stunning home we have, which we can thank the Walkers for. It was so good to be able to contact the builders who were building our house, rather than speak to a...


We moved into our new house at Banora Point, Ponte Vue estate. We honestly thought with the rain that we had, it would have been hard for peter to keep his promise. For us to be in before Christmas. The whole building took 16 weeks. Both my husband and I cannot speak highly enough of Peter and the full effort he and his team put into our home.


Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. Thank you for all the time and effort you put in to helping design our wonderful home. We couldn’t be happier. Peter and yourself are such easy going, thoughtful and quality people to deal with. The whole process was a pleasure. Thank you again.


Peter and his team of tradesman did such a great job of building our home, so much so I decided to join his team designing and marketing his homes. I have found working with peter to be the best building company I have worked with in over 30+ years and certainly has given me the confidence to be fully satisfied with the service, quality and value all our clients will receive.


Thanks so much to you and your team for building such a wonderful house. You have been super easy to work with and we are very excited to be moving into our new house. The house looks fab. Team Walker make the best houses! So glad we built with you guys, so many thanks.


Dear Peter and Team. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job for Mandy and Paul. You, and all your sub-contractors and suppliers have created an absolutely first class finish. Every detail is considered and accomplished perfectly. Every junction is just so. This level of workmanship takes decades to achieve with a team. You brought my ideas to life, better then I imagined. Thank you!


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