New Build Homes

New Homes on the Tweed

Have you been thinking about building a new home?

When you get a new home you get a blank canvas and everything is brand new – the latest products, the exact layout you’re after, and that new home feeling.

Whether you’re searching for your forever home, or looking at building an investment property; new build houses offer the advantage of a clean slate. Not only do you tend to get better returns; new homes tend to have a more practical layout and therefore attract higher quality tenants if you lease the property, or higher quality buyers when you decide to sell.

New home designs – maximising energy efficiency

Sophisticated building materials, modern insulation materials, 5000L water tank requirements and stricter regulations, suggests new homes are truly more energy efficient. Accordingly, your energy costs will be reduced over time, offering you peace of mind in terms of saving money on both energy and water bills.  Not only that, your fixtures and fittings are brand new and high quality meaning they will be working exactly as they should.

Incentives for building a new home

Did you also know that there are ever-changing incentives you could get access to, when you build new?
The “first home owners grant” only applies to new builds and in addition to the grant, all or most of the stamp duty tax applied to that land is waived. You also get the pleasure of a new home warranty.

Can’t decide whether to build a new home or renovate? 

The decision to renovate your existing home or build new can be difficult and there are many considerations outside of budget. Why not chat to our builder or designer and discuss the options, helping you to make the right decision for your unique situation.

Why Choose Us?

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