Our Building Process

Here is an overview of our building process:

Your ideas in the first phase:

You may have been googling around for what you’re after but get stuck or overwhelmed about how its all going to tie in.
This is where our designer comes in.

We really, really, really want to give you the exact house you’re after. So first and foremost we’d meet up and start discussions on what it is you want, and what your new home or renovations are going to be. We’ll be working for you to make this become a reality giving you honest guidance along the way to figure out where you could benefit from our unique and specialised advice, as we bring these ideas to life on paper.

Developing a budget:

Having a budget is key to ensuring a smooth flow throughout your building process. Our transparent quotes detail everything in black and white, providing both parties the ease of knowing exactly what’s being supplied and eliminating any nasty surprises later on. Transparent quoting also allows for faster build times.

Our first concept plans come with an estimated figure as we “tweak” the design until you are completely satisfied and ready to move onto getting the drawings completed to working detail. Then we can supply a much more in-depth quotation.


This is where a specifications sheet is developed by us, for you to oversee with regard to the fittings, fixtures, colours and materials being used in your project – further outlining what is being provided in your build. We are very approachable and open to changes and variations. This is where you should be confident and comfortable with what you’d like to see incorporated into your home.

After these initial phases are complete we move onto a contract and send your new home specs off to the local authorities for development approval (DA).

Construction commences:

Although we provide concept 3D camera shots of your home, this is where your dream home comes to life. We like to keep in contact with you so if there are any questions that might arise we will be there to walk you through your build.


The completion of your build comes after the building inspector makes his final assessment. At this time, we invite you to meet us on site and conduct your own assessment to satisfy that your home is as you originally specified.  We also encourage you to use this time to let us know if anything is irregular so that we can fix issues immediately before signing the final document. On completion of this we provide you with all relevant warranties and certificates and hand you the keys to enjoy your new home and settle in. Congratulations!

Why Choose Us?

  • ︎Personal approach
  • Quality and workmanship guaranteed
  • Sustainable building practices
  • In-house excavation team
  • In-house building designer
  • Sloping block specialists
  • Work direct with one builder
  • Achieve your project goals

Thanks so much to you and your team for building such a wonderful house. You have been super easy to work with and we are very excited to be moving into our new house. The house looks fab. Team Walker make the best houses! So glad we built with you guys, so many thanks.

Rob and Sharee

New Build Home , Tweed Coast, NSW 2486


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